Meet Our NEW Contestant: Valerie!

Meet Our NEW Contestant: Valerie!

Ok, so I’m going to toss myself way out there and send you my entry for your Dating Game….

The short of it…

I haven’t been on a date in years; essentially I hid behind my weight (and packed on even more to protect myself – if I am fat then no one would want me) so as not to have my heart broken as it had been several times in the past.

I have now lost 70 lbs during the past 9 months, I am in the fittest and healthiest shape of my life, and I am ready to take on the dating- courting- and possibly the marriage scene. I am currently taking part in my gym’s 90 Day Transformation Challenge. I am now a runner and I have multiple races planned this year including my first 5k race in 2 weeks. My focus during my 90 Day Challenge will be on running but I have a goal list that I intend to successfully achieve. One of my goals is to go out on a date by May 9, 2013!!!

Drew, I never thought I would ask you of all people 🙂 but can you help me out? I would love the opportunity to be the contestant for your Dating Game! Maybe after all these years I will find the person whom I am meant to be with!



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